Orange County Business Litigation Lawyers

Representing and Advising Business Clients

Business LitigationDisputes naturally arise in business relationships, often with significant consequences to core issues such as revenue, competitive position, or client relationships. As California trial lawyers, we have litigated all manner of business disputes in our decades of practice. We thoroughly understand underlying business concepts and California business law. Add that to our demonstrated ability to successfully try cases, and you see that we at the Law Offices of Joel W. Baruch have a proven method for getting business clients the results they are looking for.

Our business and commercial litigation practice has touched on many disputes common to the business community. The breadth of our experience covers business litigation topics such as:

  • Business interference
  • Construction issues
  • Contract disputes and breach of contract allegations
  • Employment law
  • E&O liability, director & officer liability, broker liability
  • Insurance coverage and bad faith
  • Labor law
  • Liability and negligence
  • Regulatory disputes