Orange County General Torts Lawyer

General Tort Claims

This law firm also specializes in general tort cases ("tort" means a "civil wrong"). We provide contingent fee representation on the general torts noted below:

Defamation lawsuits are designed to punish those persons who defame you by either the written word (libel) or the spoken word (slander). An injury from defamation can be real. Your reputation and self-esteem are important to you. We cannot get your reputation back for you when you have been the subject of a malicious defamation, but we can keep score by translating your injury into dollars.

Products Liability
Both manufacturers and sellers are legally obligated to provide reasonably safe products in the marketplace. Lawyers have traditionally acted as insurers of the public safety from the use of these products. We make it more expensive for manufacturers and sellers to place defective products into the stream of commerce.

Premises Liability
Landowners and possessors of land have a duty to ensure that patrons and invited guests onto their property are not injured by dangerous conditions that exist on the land.

You have all heard about the "slip-and-fall" situation occurring when a party is injured by slipping on a substance left for an unreasonable period of time on the floor of a grocery market. "Slip-and-fall" or "trip-and-fall" cases are within the umbrella of premises liability. Our firm has a proven track record on this type of case.

Elder Abuse
As our population gets older, elder abuse cases are in the forefront. We spend a lot of money in ensuring that our parents and older relatives are taken care of in skilled nursing or acute care or assisted living facilities. A substantial number of these facilities do not adhere to established regulations in taking good care of your loved ones. The legislature of the state of California has made it a public policy that our elders are not subjected to abuse, abandonment or neglect. When your loved one experiences a bedsore or lack of medical attention, or suffers a fall, a frequent reason is the abandonment and neglect of some facilities. Our firm has a proven track record in handling elder abuse cases.